NYC Bird Alliance staff exploring the Kingsland Wildflower green roof.
NYC Bird Alliance is part of a national network of 400 local, independent chapters affiliated with the National Audubon Society.

How the Audubon network is handling name changes
For several years, organizations in the network have been assessing the complicated legacy of John James Audubon and considering his name in the context of bird conservation. In March 2023, the National Audubon Society announced its plan to keep the Audubon name after a year-long deliberation. 

As of the time of this writing, dozens of chapters have changed or plan to change their name (see list below), including us: in June 2024, following a multi-year process involving thousands of stakeholders, NYC Audubon was renamed NYC Bird Alliance

We remain a chapter of National Audubon
Despite bearing a new name, NYC Bird Alliance remains a chapter of National Audubon, with whom we share a commitment to bird conservation amid a global climate crisis and habitat degradation. Our work will not change; it will expand.

Our work alongside the other chapters will continue and we will amplify the work of the national organization in order to maximize successes for birds and habitat. The problems that birds face are too important for any one organization to take on. We will work together as we have for more than 40 years, to conserve birds and habitat in NYC and across the country. 

Chapters which have changed, or plan to change, their names (as of June 6, 2024)


Maricopa Audubon Society
Tucson Audubon Society


Altacal Audubon Society (to be renamed AltaCal Bird Alliance in Sept 2024, subject to member approval)
Fresno Audubon Society
Golden Gate Audubon is now Golden Gate Bird Alliance
Mount Diablo Audubon Society is now Mount Diablo Bird Alliance 
Sacramento Audubon Society
San Diego Audubon Society
Wintu Audubon Society is now Shasta Birding Society
Yolo Audubon Society (to be renamed Yolo Bird Alliance in May 2024, subject to member approval)

District of Columbia

DC Audubon Society is now DC Bird Alliance


Georgia Audubon is now Birds Georgia


Chicago Audubon Society is now Chicago Bird Alliance 
John Wesley Powell Audubon is now Grand Prairie Bird Alliance 


South Bend-Elkhart Audubon Society


Jayhawk Audubon Society is now Lawrence Bird Alliance


Audubon Naturalist Society is now Nature Forward (not affiliated with National Audubon)


Biterroot Audubon Society is now Bitterroot Bird Alliance


Detroit Audubon Society is now Detroit Bird Alliance
Grosse Pointe Audubon Society (not affiliated with National Audubon)
Laughing Whitefish Audubon is now Laughing Whitefish Bird Alliance
Oakland Audubon Society is now Oakland Bird Alliance
Washtenaw Audubon Society is now Washtenaw Bird & Nature Alliance 


Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis

New Mexico

Central New Mexico Audubon Society is now Bird Alliance of Central New Mexico
Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society is now Bird Alliance of Southwestern New Mexico

North Carolina

New Hope Audubon Society is now New Hope Bird Alliance

New York

Buffalo Audubon Society
NYC Audubon Society is now NYC Bird Alliance


Audubon Miami Valley


Audubon Society of Lincoln City
Portland Audubon Society is now Bird Alliance of Oregon


Wyncote Audubon Society

South Carolina

Charleston Audubon and Natural History Society is now Charleston Natural History Society


Audubon Society of Northern Virginia (to be renamed Northern Virginia Bird Alliance in June 2024, subject to member approval)


Dungeness River Audubon Center is now Dungeness River Nature Center
Seattle Audubon Society is now Birds Connect Seattle
Tahoma Audubon is now Tahoma Bird Alliance
Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society is now Vashon Bird Alliance


Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society is now Gaylord Nelson Bird Club
Madison Audubon is now Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance
Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon is now Northeastern Wisconsin Bird Alliance


Red Desert Audubon Society is now Red Desert Avian Society

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