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Review: Ten Birds that Changed the World

Carol Peace Robins | June 21, 2024

British naturalist Stephen Moss’s 10 Birds that Changed the World doesn’t assert that the birds themselves actually changed the world. Rather, it depicts how human interaction with them changed the course of history—often to the pronounced detriment of the birds.

Birds are Everywhere: A New York City “Little Year”

Linda Ewing | June 21, 2024

Birds may be everywhere, but birders are not. An uneven distribution of bird observations underlies what Brooklyn birder Nick Dawson is calling his “little year.”

President's Perch

Mike Yuan, NYC Bird Alliance Board President | June 21, 2024

As I embark on my term as president of the board of directors, I think back on the organization’s presence in my life for the past 15 years.

Islands in the Sky—Growing NYC’s Green Infrastructure

Olivia Liang | June 21, 2024

While some see New York as a collection of skyscrapers and concrete, in truth it is a biodiversity hotspot with growing, vital green space.

American Kestrel (Falco Sparverius)

Andrew Maas, Director of Marketing and Communications | June 21, 2024

As I sit at my desk during a work-from-home day, I hear the unmistakable call—"klee klee klee!"