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Listen to the Band!

Carol Peace Robins | Jun 3, 2021: 
There are many keys to identifying a bird: shape, size, color, and song are among the most useful. And then, there are leg bands. These human-affixed markers aren’t meant to identify the species of bird, however, but to track the bird along its travels and through its lifespan, helping scientists better understand migration patterns and population dynamics.

Monk Parakeet (myiopsitta monachus)

Don Riepe | Jun 3, 2021: 
Delve into the interesting history of Monk Parakeets, a vibrant-looking species native to South America that has unexpectedly found nesting homes in Brooklyn and Queens. 

The "First Flight" of Virtual Feathered Friends

Danielle Sherman | Jun 3, 2021: 
Programs Manager Danielle Sherman reports on the challenges and successes of migrating our successful, outdoor-centric "Feathered Friends" after-school program to a virtual setting after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.