Bird Rehabbers

A Mallard ducking with broken leg recovering after being treated at the Wild Bird Fund. Photo: The Wild Bird Fund
A Mallard ducking with broken leg recovering after being treated at the Wild Bird Fund. Photo: The Wild Bird Fund

NYC Region Animal Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers

NYC Bird Alliance cannot treat animals, but a number of licensed rehabilitators can care for wildlife in the New York City area. All the rehabilitators listed below will accept birds; many will also care for other wildlife. Please read the specific restrictions and requirements of each site carefully, as well as our instructions just below.
In most cases, the fastest way to get help for a bird is to take it to a licensed rehabilitator yourself. If you are absolutely unable to take the bird to one of the rehabilitators below, please read the following four steps thoroughly:
1. Take one quick photo, from a distance, without frightening the bird. A photo will help us give you advice as efficiently as possible. 
2. Get the bird off the street immediately. Injured birds are at risk of being hit by cars and of being preyed on. Quietly and slowly walk up to the bird, gently but firmly pick it up, and put it in a paper bag or a small ventilated box. Do not put the bird in a cage. If you do not have a bag/box on hand, pick the bird up and carry it in your hand to a nearby store to ask for a paper bag.
Note: For a raptor (hawk, falcon) or a potentially dangerous waterbird (like a heron), do not approach the bird. Instead, call or email us at the contacts in step 4 immediately. 
3. Close the container securely: do not leave it open. Keep the container safe in your building, away from pets and as far as possible from human voices: human contact is very stressful for wild birds. Do not give any food or water to the bird.
4. Email We can ask our volunteer list if anyone is able to go to your location; if someone can, they will contact you to arrange a pickup, and will take the bird to the Wild Bird Fund. However, please keep in mind that it is not always possible for a volunteer to help, especially for more distant locations or in busy months in the spring and fall. You are this bird’s best chance to get help quickly. 


The Wild Bird Fund
The Wild Bird Fund sees birds and other wildlife every day, including holidays, from 9 AM to 7  PM. For general information, or if you have questions about whether or not a bird needs help, please visit the Wild Bird Fund's bird rescue help pages, or if you still have questions, email the rehabilitators. For animal queries and advice, call 646-306-2862. WBF returns calls between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM, seven days a week. 
Note that WBF cannot take exotic birds (like budgerigars or parrots), and currently cannot take domestic birds (like quail, chickens, domestic geese, or tame doves). It can still take rock pigeons and domestic pigeons, however.
565 Columbus Avenue (between 87th and 88th Streets)
New York, NY 10024
Phone: 646.306.2862

Animal Medical Center
Only raptors and waterfowl accepted. Open 24/7. You must tell them you are from NYC Bird Alliance and make sure that they write this information with your name on the form.
510 E. 62nd Street, 2nd Floor.
Phone: 212.838.8100

Bobby and Cathy Horvath
Primarily care for raptors, but are available to advise/help on anything, everywhere. Both licensed rehabbers at state and federal level. No hour limitation.
Home phone: 516.293.0587 
Cell phone: 516.987.3961 (Bobby), 516.851.6045 (Cathy).

Urban Park Rangers
The Urban Park Rangers will try to pick up a bird if it’s in a New York City park; higher priority is given to less common birds. For raptors, they will try to go outside of City parks, but resources are limited. 
Primary number: 646.613.1200
Manhattan phone: 212.628.2345 (9am-5pm daily)
Robert Spragg
Hours 8am–8pm, 7 days a week. Will retrieve and transport birds of prey only; eagles, hawks, owls. He will travel anywhere in 5 boroughs.

Cell phone: 917.328.4315
CAC (Center For Animal Control)
This is the last resort if all else fails. ACC will accept injured birds, and transport them to WBF. As of July 2022, ACC is also the place to take domestic birds: chukars, chickens, domestic geese, and exotic birds (like budgerigars), which WBF cannot accept. 
Phone: 311 from New York City, or 212.788.4000


ACC Brooklyn
ACC will encourage rescuers to go to WBF, but if you absolutely cannot get to WBF, please call (718) 688-7407, and make an appointment to drop off the bird: ACC will try to transfer it to WBF as soon as possible.
2336 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208


Boulevard Animal Clinic
Hours vary, call in advance. This is one of Central Veterinary’s six locations (the others are on Long Island). They have 24-hour service at at least one of the locations. Will accept all birds, including pigeons, starlings, depending on capacity. No licensed rehabbers on staff, but will do what they can and find one.
11249 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, NY
Daytime phone: 718.261.1231
After hours phone: 516.825.3066
Bobby and Cathy Horvath
Primarily for raptors, but are available to advise/help on anything, everywhere. Both licensed rehabbers at state and federal level. No hour limitation.

Home phone: 516.293.0587. 
Cell phone: 516.987.3961 (Bobby), 516.851.6045 (Cathy)

Staten Island

ACC Staten Island: 
ACC Staten Island, 3139 Veterans Rd W, Staten Island, NY 10309.
ACC cannot do pickups, but can take birds. 
For further info, call the main ACC line (212-788-4000), from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Long Island

Volunteers for Wildlife
Hours 8am–4pm, Mon–Fri. Often check email after hours. Federally licensed, so can take anything (they don’t usually take starlings or pigeons, but can give a referral.) Don’t do pickups except very locally. Call in advance. 
194 Bayville Road
Locust Valley, 11560
Phone: 516.674.0982

Save the Animals Rescue Foundation
Staff hours 8:30am–6pm, 7 days a week; 24-hour live answering service. Can only take raptors; occasionally, depending on the volume of patients, they may be able to take gulls.  
Middle Island, NY
Phone: 631.736.8207

Animal Emergency Service – Selden
24/7 no charge. Please call in advance. Animal Emergency Service is no longer able to rehab animals, but can provide humane euthanasia if needed.
280 Middle Country Road, Selden, NY
Phone: 631.698.2225 

New Jersey

The Raptor Trust
The Raptor Trust provides free care and assistance to injured, sick, or orphaned wild birds. Please call ahead: you must make an appointment, at 908-647-2353.
1390 White Bridge Road
Millington, NJ 07946
Phone: 908.647.2353 
Fax: 908.647.8211