Kids Membership

Kids Membership

Get to know the amazing birds of New York City. Join our flock today!

NYC Bird Alliance isn't just for grown-up birders. If you’re a kid between 8 and 12 years old in the City, you know you can name the cool animals around this town just as well as any adult! NYC Bird Alliance is here to be your guide to tons of wildlife fun in NYC.

To become a NYC Bird Alliance Kids Member, parents and guardians should fill out the form here. NYC Bird Alliance's Kids Memberships are FREE and include:

  • Our quarterly newsletter, currently called The Urban Audubon (soon to be renamed)
  • Our monthly email newsletter, "The eGret"
  • A welcome letter and membership card in the Kids Member's name
  • Invitations to any Kids Bird Walks throughout the year
  • A 30% discount on most of our local trips and classes
  • Other special offers may be offered throughout the year and will be announced via email and The Urban Audubon.
To sign up a child for a Kids Membership, parents or guardians should fill out the form linked below.

Join the NYC Bird Alliance Kids Membership program.

If you have any questions about the Kids membership program, please email